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Relationships Matter

I'm thrilled to share an exciting new chapter in my professional journey. After years of dedicated advocacy in public health, environmental issues, and community welfare, I am proud to announce that I am a founding member of Field Strategic Partners, LLC. Our firm is positioned as today's go-to resource for driving progress in critical areas of environmental and public health communications, policy advising and business strategy.

Field Strategic Partners stands at the intersection of pressing societal issues, recognizing the transformative power of communication, connection, and active listening to effect positive change. Our mission is to build a coalition with our relationships with government regulators, legislators, business leaders, and collaborative industry agencies, driving progress and maximizing impact.

As subject matter experts deeply rooted in the public health sector, we are dedicated to advocating for practical and feasible environmental and public health policies. Our track record of success in advocacy, rooted in data-driven analysis and strategic advice, demonstrates our ability to bring decision-makers to the table during crucial moments. With a commitment to relationship building, we prioritize understanding our clients' objectives and navigating diverse perspectives, shedding light on new viewpoints for positive outcomes, even in challenging circumstances.

I am grateful for your ongoing support and look forward to the journey ahead with Field Strategic Partners.


Amanda Field
Managing Partner

Field Strategic Partners, LLC


Amanda Field

Principal Partner


Amanda’s passion for public health, the environment, and making a change in her community prompted her to run for public office in 2016. As a young cancer survivor, she immersed herself in health and environmental issues. In 2016, she was elected Commissioner of the Plainview Water District, where she served 2 three year terms.  As commissioner, Amanda successfully fought for over thirty-nine million in record breaking grant funding and ensured that her district was one of the first districts to treat for emerging contaminants.


During her first year as commissioner, seeing the imminent public health concerns with our environment and emerging contaminants, she expanded her reach to the County and State and was elected to the executive board of Nassau-Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association where she served as President in 2021; Amanda also serves as a legislative committee co-chair for Long Island Water Conference and is a member of the New York American Water Works Association and the New York Clean Water Coalition where she has successfully advocated policies for public health on behalf of the constituents of New York. 


In 2018, Amanda was named one of the Long Island Power Women in Business. An advocate for the expansion and access of mental health services, Amanda has held a position at the New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors Regional Planning Consortium for Children and Families dedicated to the mental health and wellness of today’s youth and is a member of the Neuroimmune Foundation.


As a result of her tireless work on behalf of public health and the environment, in 2022 Amanda earned the Democratic nomination for the New York State Assembly. She has been endorsed by a multitude of federal, state and local elected officials on both sides of the political aisle as well as leading industry professionals and organizations alike. Amanda’s unwavering dedication consistently puts people before politics across all levels and parties to support public needs. She has been known for getting all people of differing opinions to the table to collaborate to effect critical change. 




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